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Signs of Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers are typically regarded as menaces on the road, as aggressive driving causes half of all car accident fatalities. When approached by an aggressive driver, your best bet is to get out of the driver’s way to avoid a serious accident. To protect your safety and the safety of your passengers, it is important… Read More »

Forceps and Birthing Injuries

The use of forceps is sometimes necessary during a difficult delivery. When used correctly, forceps can save the day and lead to a safe delivery. However, when they are not used properly, they can cause permanent injuries to both the mother and the baby. What are forceps? Forceps are medical instruments that are used to… Read More »

Ten Tips for Safe Driving in Bad Weather Conditions

Driving safely is made exponentially more difficult in poor weather conditions. Rain, snow, ice and fog can wreak havoc on driving conditions. The following is a list of 10 top tips that can help you be prepared no matter what the weather or road conditions bring: 1. Slow down. Speed is the biggest cause of… Read More »

Three Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents have increased by 20 percent over the past 20 years. Semi-trucks, because of their large size and heavy weight, can cause much greater harm in a crash than ordinary motor vehicles. Fully loaded trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, so it’s no wonder they often cause severe injury and death when they… Read More »

Auto Insurance Claims Process Pitfalls

When you pay car insurance premiums, you expect the company to be there for you after an accident. Unfortunately, your insurer may try to minimize your compensation or even deny your claim altogether. Knowing more about the claims process helps protect your right to fair compensation. If your insurance broker recommends the minimum insurance required… Read More »