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During childbirth, infants and their mothers are at their most vulnerable. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers have a legal responsibility to meet or exceed accepted medical standards. Tragically, this duty is sometimes breached. Approximately 28,000 birth injuries occur annually in the United States, and victims often face a lifetime of pain and suffering. At the McClelland Law Group, P.C. in downtown Pittsburgh, we have secured substantial compensation for Pennsylvania families who have incurred serious harm due to medical negligence. Sometimes, birth injuries are the result of natural causes such as a large baby or a premature delivery. Other times, the damage can be attributed to substandard care. If your child was injured prior to or during delivery, our attorneys can help you assert your legal rights.

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More than 20 hospitals are located in the Pittsburgh area and though many are known for their high level of work, obstetric mistakes do occur. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience with birth injury litigation and other medical malpractice cases. During a free initial consultation, we can learn about your child’s condition and advise you of your legal rights. We are well versed in litigation relating to birth injuries such as:

  • Cerebral palsy — Damage to the cerebrum during the birth process might lead to permanent motor damage that requires lifelong medical attention. Several types of errors have been connected to cerebral palsy, including leaving a baby too long in the birth canal, incorrect use of forceps, and loss of oxygen due to an umbilical cord around a baby’s neck.
  • Erb’s palsy — Erb’s palsy is a not a neurological impairment, but a condition caused by trauma to nerves around the shoulder. Symptoms can include loss of arm function. Our firm understands the specific types of medical malpractice that can trigger this disability, including excessive pulling on an infant’s shoulders or head.
  • Brachial plexus damage — When delivering large babies or performing breech births, doctors and nurses sometimes damage the brachial plexus by using too much force. This can lead to numerous surgeries and possibly permanent damage to a victim’s arm.
  • Facial paralysis — Excessive pressure or the improper use of instruments on an infant’s head might be responsible for bruising or tears in facial nerves. If lasting damage occurs, our firm will take action against the liable parties.
  • Cephalohematoma — A raised lump on a baby’s head a few hours after birth can be an indication of bleeding under one of the cranial bones.

Our lawyers understand that the physical and financial harm from a birth injury can last for years or even a lifetime. That is why we work so hard to outline the long-term effects of medical negligence and maximize the compensation in a verdict or settlement.

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