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Proven Pittsburgh Lawyers Assist People Hurt in Slip and Fall Accidents

Pennsylvania firm works to hold negligent property owners accountable

From ballgames at PNC Park and concerts at KeyBank Pavilion to shopping and local parks, the Pittsburgh area has many public spaces where local residents can enjoy themselves. In these locations, as on other properties, owners have the legal responsibility to keep their premises in reasonably safe condition. When this duty is violated, serious injuries can occur. At the McClelland Law Group, P.C. in downtown Pittsburgh, we offer comprehensive legal support to Pennsylvania clients who have been hurt in a fall caused by negligent upkeep, maintenance, or security. Whether your accident occurred in a store or on a parking lot, a sidewalk, or anywhere else, we can advise you of your legal rights and take action against the parties at fault.

Experienced premises liability attorneys have a successful track record

Our personal injury lawyers have earned strong results in a wide range of Pennsylvania negligence actions, including the following cases:

  • Stadium accident — Our lawyers were successful in representing the assistant general manager of the New York Mets when he slipped and fell and seriously damaged his knee at Three Rivers Stadium.
  • Icy parking lot — We obtained a $350,000 verdict for a victim who had injured her knee as a result of slipping on ice and snow in a Holiday Inn parking lot.
  • Unsafe steps — Our firm resolved a case for $125,000 in favor of a minor who was injured while sitting on the steps of a property rented by his parents.

During a free initial consultation, we can evaluate the facts in your case and outline how our firm can help you obtain a favorable verdict or settlement.

Dedicated advisers detail the legal elements of slip and fall claims

In premises liability cases against property owners, municipalities, and other defendants, a plaintiff must demonstrate that the defendant owed a duty of care to their invitee or licensee. The injury must have been caused by a breach of that duty. For instance, a store that failed to clean up spilled liquid on their floor in a reasonable amount of time can be held liable if someone slips on the spill and suffers an injury. Under Pennsylvania law, the victim can recover damages even if they are partially responsible for the incident, as long as they are less at fault than the defendant.  Whether you’ve hurt your knee, ankle, arm, back, or another body part, we will fully detail the damages to maximize the likelihood of a positive resolution to your case.

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The McClelland Law Group, P.C. represents Pennsylvania clients who have been hurt in slip and fall accidents as well as in other incidents caused by the negligence of property owners. Please call 412-483-1855 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our downtown office, which is located just blocks from the courthouse and other government buildings.