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Accomplished Pittsburgh Lawyers Assist Victims of Truck Accidents

Established Pennsylvania firm handles cases involving commercial vehicles

From its traditional status as our nation’s Steel City through today, when various industries call the city home, Pittsburgh has attracted heavy traffic from commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, hurried drivers and busy roadways like Interstates 376 and 279 can lead to devastating crashes between trucks and other vehicles. Located downtown, the McClelland Law Group, P.C. represents victims of these accidents throughout the Pittsburgh area. For more than 30 years, our firm has secured compensation for plaintiffs who have been hurt in collisions with 18-wheelers and other trucks. We understand the specific regulations that apply to trucks, and determine if violations of these rules led to the accident.

Advocates hold liable truck drivers and companies accountable

Whether you were hurt in a rear-end collision, jackknife, rollover, underride, or some other type of crash, our experienced auto accident attorneys can analyze the evidence and identify potential causes such as:

  • Speeding — Pressure to make timely deliveries or get home more quickly might prompt a driver to exceed the speed limit. We conduct a thorough review to determine if unsafe driving contributed to the accident.
  • Driver impairment — Alcohol, drugs, or fatigue can alter a driver’s perception of the road, which is particularly dangerous operating large vehicles such as semi-trucks.
  • Construction and road problems — Our firm takes on municipalities and other authorities if unsafe road surfaces or improperly staged construction zones contributed to the crash.
  • Blind spots and wide turns — Long tractor-trailers create challenges to commercial drivers, especially when they are making wide turns onto narrow streets or fail to see other vehicles in their blind spot.
  • Brake failure and other vehicle defects — We investigate each aspect of a truck accident to identify all negligent parties, including manufacturers, mechanics, and companies that hire the vehicles.

Our personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation to Pennsylvanians and don’t accept any attorneys’ fees until you receive a financial recovery. We also maintain a network of medical and evidentiary experts to build the strongest possible argument in cases involving broken bones, head and brain damage, neck and back injuries, paralysis, loss of limbs, and other injuries.

Contact a skillful Pittsburgh truck accident lawyer for a free initial consultation

The McClelland Law Group, P.C. represents Pennsylvania clients in cases arising from truck accidents and other vehicle collisions. Please call 412-483-1855 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our downtown office on Ross Street, just off Boulevard of the Allies.