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Our Pittsburgh Attorneys Represent Hospital Patients Injured Due to Surgical or Anesthesia Errors

At no time are you more vulnerable than during surgery. When you undergo a surgical procedure, you are literally placing your life in the hands of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and hospital staff. How do you know if an unanticipated injury or death is the result of surgical malpractice?

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The Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys at The McClelland Law Group have been pioneers in representing victims of medical malpractice. In addition to our many years of experience in the medical legal field, we have medical personnel on staff and board certified physicians available for consult to answer your medical questions. If an avoidable surgical or anesthesia error caused a serious injury or death, you have the right to know the truth and to recover the maximum compensation for your loss.

Our lawyers at The McClelland Law Group have successfully handled a wide variety of surgical and anesthesia malpractice claims including the following:

  • Anesthesia
    • Improper use of a laryngeal mask airway resulting in the patient's death
    • Failure to properly monitor the patient after the administration of narcotics resulting in the patient's
    • Failure to recognize and treat a drop in the patient's blood pressure resulting in permanent brain damage
  • Surgical
    • Suture fails postoperatively resulting in the patients choking to death on his own blood
    • Perforating an internal organ during the removal of the patient's gall bladder
    • Failure to promptly diagnose and treat the patient's postoperative infection resulting in sepsis and death

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If you would like to speak with a member of our personal injury firm about an anesthetic or surgical malpractice case, we invite you to call us toll free at 888.U.ASK.LAW or contact our office online to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation with an experienced Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyer. We charge no attorney's fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation on your behalf. Should you be unable to travel, one of our lawyers will be happy to visit you in your home or hospital room.