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Our Pittsburgh Attorneys Represent Those Injured in an Airplane or Boating Accident

A plane crash rarely results from one single cause. A design defect might not cause problems except under certain weather conditions. A pilot with adequate experience and training might be able to bring a flight down safely despite an instrument malfunction or air traffic controller error. At The McClelland Law Group in Pittsburgh, our lawyers have the experience and resources to perform the thorough investigation necessary to determine the cause of an airplane accident. They have the skill to present complex scientific evidence to a jury effectively and identify FAA safety regulation violations. They have medical experts to accurately evaluate injuries, and they have the demonstrated ability to recover compensation for clients injured in aviation accidents.

Our lawyers at The McClelland Law Group have successfully handled a wide variety of aviation and maritime claims including the following:

  • Participated in the Steering Committee that was charged with the responsibility of investigating the US Air Flight 427 crash
  • Obtained settlements for several of the victims of US Air Flight 427
  • Represented the family of a victim of US Air Flight 405, which crashed upon takeoff at LaGuardia Airport in New York.
  • Proved that an airport's instrument landing system was defective and contributed to a crash that occurred outside a community airport
  • Obtained a verdict that resulted in $1,000,000.00 for a family who lost a loved one as the result of a boating accident

Learn more about our aviation and maritime accident cases.

Boating / maritime accidents

Many of the factors that apply to plane crash cases also apply to those involving maritime law. Whether our client is a child hit by a speedboat, or a deck hand swept off of a harbor ferry, our attorneys work closely with accident investigators and other experts to prepare a strong case and recover maximum compensation. If our investigation demonstrates that the boat accident was the result of improper maintenance or defective parts, we may file multiple claims on our client's behalf.

Aviation accidents

Some factors in plane accident claims include the following factors:

  • Pilot error
  • Air traffic controller error
  • Improper maintenance
  • Failure to de-ice wings
  • Small plane wrecks
  • Wrongful death
  • Brain or back injury
  • Jones Act
  • Admiralty Law
  • Maritime worker accidents
  • Defective equipment

If you would like to speak with a member of our personal injury firm about a plane crash or maritime accident injury claim, we invite you to call us toll free at 888.U.ASK.LAW or contact our Pittsburgh office to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation with an experienced aviation / maritime attorney. We charge no attorney fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation on your behalf. Should you be unable to travel, one of our lawyers will be happy to visit you in your home or hospital room.