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Our Pittsburgh Attorneys List the Medical Procedures Most Prone to Medical Malpractice Cases

The practice of medicine always entails a certain degree of risk. Standard precautions taken by medical professionals for individual procedures can lessen the possibility of a threat to your health. However, there will always be particular procedures that carry a higher degree of risk than others. Procedures that are more susceptible to the dangers of malpractice include:

  • Childbirth. Injury during childbirth can stem from such problems as inadequate pre-natal care, pre-natal misdiagnosis, poor fetal monitoring during birth, improper administration of anesthesia, improper delivery, or a failed C-section.
  • Cardiothoracic surgery. During surgery on delicate organs such as the heart and lungs, physicians must be on the lookout for complications like internal bleeding, blood clots, abnormal heart rhythm, and ischemic heart damage.
  • Gastric bypass. Patients considering gastric bypass surgery are more likely than the general population to have serious obesity-related conditions, such as diabetes or cardio-pulmonary disorders. If your physician or surgeon does not take these issues into account, complications can arise during or after the procedure that can prove to be life-threatening.
  • Cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately, physicians do not have to be bona fide plastic surgeons—that is, to have completed a residency in plastic surgery— in order to be licensed to perform plastic surgery. Oftentimes, patients put their trust in healthcare professionals who have done little more than complete a course or two in cosmetic surgery. The techniques used by such professionals can be ineffective and, often, dangerous.
  • Lasik eye surgery. People who wish to correct their nearsightedness sometimes undergo Lasik eye surgery, a procedure that involves the use of lasers on certain areas of the eye. If appropriate precautions are not taken during the surgery, the patient may risk losing his or her vision entirely.

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