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Auto Accident Compensation

If you have been in an auto accident that was not your fault, you are likely aware of the drastic physical, mental and financial consequences an auto accident can cause. Auto accident losses can also extend to your car and other personal property. The damages you incur may continue long after the date of the accident, affecting your life far into the future. Generally, car accident victims are entitled to compensation for their losses and injuries.

In auto accidents, there are two types of damages: economic and noneconomic. Economic damages are intended to compensate a victim for actual monetary losses resulting from an auto accident. Economic losses include all related medical expenses, incurred now and into the future, and damages to the victim’s car or personal property. In addition, if the victim was a wage earner and is unable to work temporarily or permanently, the victim may recover lost wages or lost earning potential. Economic losses are typically easy to quantify and prove and are generally recoverable by the victim of an auto accident.

Noneconomic damages are also known as pain and suffering damages. The victim of an auto accident may be able to recover for physical and mental pain and suffering. Emotional distress, including depression, anxiety and a loss of ability to enjoy life’s pleasures resulting from an auto accident may also be compensable. In addition, loss of consortium may be compensated. Noneconomic damages are difficult to quantify and prove because the calculation of noneconomic damages often involves a subjective analysis of the victim’s condition. A judge or jury considers the victim’s age, the severity and permanence of the victim’s injuries, and the duration and nature of the pain, suffering and treatment, among other factors.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, an experienced auto accident attorney at The McClelland Law Group can fight for your maximum recovery.

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