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Ten Tips for Safe Driving in Bad Weather Conditions

Driving safely is made exponentially more difficult in poor weather conditions. Rain, snow, ice and fog can wreak havoc on driving conditions. The following is a list of 10 top tips that can help you be prepared no matter what the weather or road conditions bring:

1. Slow down. Speed is the biggest cause of accidents in bad weather. Slow down and take your time.

2. Allow extra space. Always allow extra space between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road when the conditions may be slippery.

3. Inspect your vehicle regularly. Check tires, lights, wiper blades and wiper fluid to make sure that everything is working properly.

4. Take care when braking and accelerating. Don’t make sudden movements when driving in bad weather. If you need to slow down, gently apply the brakes to reduce the chance of locking your tires and spinning out of control. Anti-locking braking systems help guard against this.

5. Keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. Keep two hands on the wheel and avoid sudden moves that can cause you to lose control.

6. Approach bridges cautiously. Bridges and overpasses often freeze first, causing vehicles to spin out of control on these elevated surfaces.

7. Use extra caution on mountainous roads. The weather can change rapidly in elevated terrain. Be alert, exercise extra caution and obey rules such as those pertaining to the use of tire chains.

8. Beware of black ice. Black ice is the first thin layer of ice that forms when the temperature gets near freezing. It looks like water on the road, and it can be extremely dangerous because it catches drivers unaware.

9. Stay in your vehicle if you get stranded. Keep emergency items such as blankets, food, water and flashlights in your vehicle. Don’t wander around looking for help; stay in your vehicle where it is safe.

10. Plan ahead and stay home if the weather is bad. Listen to weather reports before you set out, and if the predictions are dire, stay off the roads.

Employing these tips can help keep you safe during inclement weather. However, if you are injured in an accident, consult with an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury law firm to help protect your rights to compensation.

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