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Signs of Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers are typically regarded as menaces on the road, as aggressive driving causes half of all car accident fatalities. When approached by an aggressive driver, your best bet is to get out of the driver’s way to avoid a serious accident. To protect your safety and the safety of your passengers, it is important to be aware of the signs of aggressive driving.

Speeding. The most common sign of an aggressive driver is speeding. One-third of all fatal car accidents involve a speeding driver. If a speeding driver approaches you, do your best to get out of the driver’s way and ignore any gestures by the driver.

Lane-changing. Oftentimes, aggressive drivers change lanes unnecessarily simply to pass as many cars as possible. Aggressive drivers may weave through traffic, even passing on the right. It is important to maintain your composure and to keep a safe distance from other drivers when approached by a driver who is weaving through traffic.

Not observing signs or signals. Many aggressive drivers disobey traffic signs or regulations, or even speed through yellow or red lights. When crossing at an intersection or pulling out of a parking lot, make sure your path is clear before entering the roadway, even if you have a green light.

Seeking confrontation. Aggressive drivers may make hand motions or try to engage other drivers by yelling out of a window, honking the horn or flashing headlights. In this way, aggressive drivers express road rage or a desire to fight. These drivers may also antagonize other drivers in an attempt to prompt a race. It’s best to simply ignore their attempts to get a rise out of you.

Tailgating. By following at a very close distance, aggressive drivers try to force other drivers to speed up or get over. Tailgating is very dangerous, especially at high speeds. An unexpected obstacle or event on the road could cause a driver to slam on the brakes, resulting in a crash with the aggressive driver behind.

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