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When Lasik Surgery Goes Wrong

Lasik eye surgery, also known as laser eye surgery, is a popular vision correction procedure in the United States and around the world. The eye is a very delicate surgical site, and vision is a vital part of our everyday lives. Although laser eye surgery is typically successful in correcting poor vision, errors made during surgery can have very serious consequences for patients.

Surgical errors during laser surgery can result in damaged vision, or even blindness. Some patients experience damaged night vision, including seeing halos or starbursts when driving at night. Other patients may have permanent double vision or dry eyes. Corneal scarring and sensitivity to light can also permanently afflict victims of laser eye surgery errors. Oftentimes, damage caused by negligence during the operation cannot be improved even with corrective lenses.

Most laser eye surgery errors are avoidable. By following standards and guidelines for preparation, surgical staff can avoid many of the errors that occur during laser eye surgery. Marking the surgical site and taking the time to double-check all equipment and materials before beginning the procedure can eliminate much of the risk of error.

Eye surgery errors include operating on the wrong eye or injecting anesthesia into the wrong eye. Other patients sustain vision damage when the surgeon performs the wrong eye surgery or operates on the wrong patient. Defective surgical equipment can also seriously injure patients.

If you have been injured as a result of a laser eye surgery error, it is important to obtain an experienced medical malpractice attorney to protect your right to recover. The medical malpractice attorneys at The McClelland Law Group can help you seek maximum recovery.

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