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Distracted Driving: It’s Not Just Texting

Distracted driving has become an epidemic in our fast-paced, digital society. In 2011 alone, distracted driving accounted for more than 3,000 car accident fatalities. When we think of distracted driving, we usually picture a teenager texting behind the wheel or a busy professional conducting an intense cell phone conversation while driving down the highway. In fact, according to the Official U.S. Government Website for Distracted Driving, those who text while driving are 23 times more likely to get into an accident than drivers who don’t text. Pennsylvania is one of many states that have banned texting while driving. Some states such as Ohio have banned the use of all cell phones (both handheld and hands-free), while other states such as New York permit hands-free cell phone use.

The use of handheld devices has resulted in major distracted driving problems, but other types of distracted driving are also very dangerous. Eating and drinking while driving can be very distracting, especially if a driver spills a hot beverage or drops food and scrambles to clean it up. Drivers grabbing a bite to eat can be incredibly distracted, unaware of the road and other drivers around them.

Have you ever noticed a woman applying mascara in a rearview mirror or a man shaving while driving down the road to work? Grooming can also be a major driving distraction. Drivers in an unfamiliar area may also be looking for a route on a map or GPS device while neglecting the steering wheel. Even adjusting the stereo or changing a CD can become a distraction for a driver. Regardless of the cause, distracted driving can be deadly.

If you are involved in an accident with a distracted driver, an experienced car accident injury attorney at The McClelland Law Group can work to get you fully compensated for your injuries.

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